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The Ultimate Birders Christmas Wish-list Part 5

We have come to the final list in our Ultimate Birders Christmas Wish-list. We hope that the list has helped with ideas for some Christmas presents for the birders in your life. This week has some expected types of gifts on the list, but also a few items that we think will be great accessories for birders in the field. Please let us know which of the gifts over the last five weeks that you have enjoyed the most.

So here is the last 5 items for our 2020 list:

1) A Pair of Polarized Sunglasses from ThisGuy Eyewear - Tyron Dall

When you are in the outdoors all day, give your eyes a break and wear a stylish pair of wooden polarized sunglasses. You will not only be the coolest member of your crew, but you will be reducing the glare on your eyes, and protecting them from harmful UV rays.

ThisGuy Eyewear are dedicated to leaving a net positive effect on the environment, and have partnered with one of the world’s largest reforestation non-profit organisations to plant 10 trees in Africa for every pair of sunglasses sold. It is estimated that deforestation on the African continent is accelerating at twice the world rate. ThisGuy Eyewear also help to provide work for hundreds of local farmers, and their partners have planted almost 150 million trees in Africa thus far, and have created close to 1.5 million work days for the Malagasy people.

2) Vortex Diamondback HD 10 x 42 Binoculars - Calvin Harris

One of if not the key piece of equipment for birding or observing nature in general is a set of binoculars. The market is highly competitive and there are a great many options to suit every budget. Our pick for the #TBLChristmas2020 wishlist is a pair of Vortex Diamondback 10 x 42 HD binoculars. The 8 x 42 version is equally as capable, but our preference is the slightly great magnification and therefore reach of the 10 x iteration. If you're looking to purchase your first pair of binoculars or wanting to give that nature lover in your family the perfect gift, then look no further than these. They well priced and offer great build quality let alone having excellent optics. In the box one get extras such as a padded neck strap and Vortex's unique GlassPak pouch and harness system. This feature alone is worth close to R1000.00. We are confident that you will be satisfied with this purchase