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The Top Ten Episodes of The Birding Life Podcast for 2021

The Birding Life Podcast has been up and running for almost 2 years now – what started as a lock-down project, has grown beyond what I could have ever imagined. I have been able to speak to some amazing people in the world of birding, and have had the privilege of being able to interview people that I have considered to be personal heroes of mine. What has been most exciting is to know that people out there listen to the show and are learning and getting inspired by it. As we go into the Christmas season, I have compiled a list (inspired by Tim Ferriss’ list) highlighting the top 10 podcast episodes from 2021. I have simply looked at the amount of downloads each episode got – I know that this isn’t a perfect measurement, but I do feel it gives a fair reflection of what episodes have been most popular. So, if you have some time this December, it may be a great idea to go back and catch up on or re-listen to some episodes. Before I give the top 10, it is interesting to look at where we get the most downloads from: 1) 45.5% - United States 2) 28.4% - South Africa 3) 8.9% - United Kingdom 4) 4.2% - Canada 5) 3.5% - Australia So now without further ado, here is the Top 10 for 2021: 1) Season 1 Episode 62 – Peter Harrison – this is a fantastic episode to listen to with Flock to Marion happening early in 2022. This is the episode I was most nervous to record –it's an opportunity to hear from one of the world’s leading seabird experts. 2) Season 1 Episode 42 – A Birder's Guide to Kruger – this episode with Mark Cronje did really well. I know I wanted to book a Kruger trip after listening to this episode! 3) Season 1 Episode 75 - Vultures: What's the Big Deal? – An episode that presented sound challenges, while recording the episode, there was a massive storm where Ben Hoffman was recording – if you listen carefully you will hear the rain drops on his tin roof! But the content was fantastic, and I learnt so much. 4) Season 1 Episode 65 – Steps to Better Birding – Keanu Canto is one of the great minds in South African birding, and it was a privilege to get to chat to him about his approach to birding. This is one of my personal favourite episodes. 5) Season 1 Episode 60 - Richard Flack – Richard shows that it is possible to be incredibly talented and humble at the same time! This episode is an opportunity to learn from one of the world’s best bird photographers. 6) Season 1 Episode 68 - Slow Birding – I heard Bridget Butler on the ABA Podcast and knew that I had to get her on the show. Her approach to birding has challenged me in so many ways and has led to some very special encounters with birds. 7) Season 2 Episode 5 - Mouse Free Marion Project – I am excited that this episode did so well, it was great to highlight this special project and learn more about this important location. 8) Season 1 Episode 69 - Caprivi Strip Birding – Marc Cronje gets a second episode in the top 10! This was another great episode exploring this desirable birding location. 9) Season 2 Episode 6 - An Epic Cape Town Weekend – Garret Skead is not only a great birder, but he is also a fantastic person. This episode gives all the best spots to see birds in and around Cape Town – and a whole lot more! 10) Season 2 Episode 4 - Birding Sani Pass – Aldo Berruti a well-known name in South African birding gives all the information you will need to do a birding trip up Sani Pass. Aldo’s intimate knowledge of the area makes this a very special episode Thanks for everyone’s support during 2021 – we appreciate everyone that takes the time to listen to the podcast. We also appreciate every guest that has given up their time to appear on the show - we loved having you all on the journey.

Let us know if there is anyone that you think we should feature in 2022? Also let us know which episode was your favourite. You can help us to grow this podcast by doing a few simple things (things that won’t cost anything): 1) Tell some friends about the podcast 2) Share some posts about the podcast on your social media platforms 3) Give us a rating

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