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Photographer of the week - Gabby Sykora

My name is Gabby Sykora, a 14 year old aspiring photographer from Gauteng. My burning passion for wildlife photography & conservation was ignited by my parents, who share the same passion and they are both huge inspirations to me. My passion then led me to start the Young Wildlife Photographers group in June 2021, a group that has grown to close on 600 members. It is a safe place where we can all chat and get to know one another, share ideas/tips/advice & we have a host of features gearing to supporting each other on our journeys through photography and conservation, as the new generation.

I am a SANParks Junior Honorary Ranger and have completed my FGASA Junior course.

My most notable wildlife & conservation achievement, so far, was being a keynote speaker at the International Women’s Blaze Trails symposium celebrating women in science, exploration and conservation in February 2022.

I photograph wildlife because our wildlife is under enormous threat and I can capture moments in time while the animals are still alive and I can keep hold of and share the memories that others may never get to experience first hand. In doing so, I get to share the beauty of nature with others so that they are able to see it through my passion for photography.

My current camera set up is: Canon 5d MkIII with a Canon L-series 100-300mm, as primary and secondary, Canon 60d with the Tamron 100-600mm.

There are so many photographers that inspire me that it would be impossible to pin point just one or two, but I have to say that Beverly Joubert is probably my biggest inspiration, as she not only captures incredible images but the story behind each image tells of our plight in conservation and that, to me, is the essence of it all, educating though photography. Having said this though, photography is an art, and I look up to anybody who is willing to get out into nature and capture the moments, freezing these moments to memory and then sharing them, to create awareness within the new generations.

Although quite new to birding photography, the feeling of seeing a new bird species and capturing that moment on camera, has become equally as rewarding as capturing moments with a leopard or other big cats, with it possibly being more challenging (as they never seem to sit still long enough for me)

Follow along on my photography and conservation journey on Instagram: @gabby_sykora

Keep scrolling to see a gallery of some of Gabby's wildlife photography.

This feature is done in proud association with the 'Youth Wildlife Photographers', South Africa's largest youth photography website. Visit their sight for photos, stories, giveaways, photography tips, and a whole lot more

Photo Gallery of some of Gabby's images:

Sometimes taking time out from the big stuff can prove just as rewarding when you come across these little critters. In photography, remember to not forget about the small stuff to.
Still being able to see and capture the Rhino with its horn in tact, is something we need to see as a privilege, as soon it will no longer be possible😢
Contemplating his next move, this gorgeous male Lion, sits proud waiting to see what his ladies will do. Will they be successful? And will get the Lions share?
There is nothing quite like being so close to my favorite animal, that stare into my soul, left me with a sense of warmth and acceptance. Serati, my precious leopardess.
The Birding Life Attachments 5:22 PM (1 hour ago) to me Not all images will be perfectly aligned to be the ‘perfect’ image, but images such as this one, tell a story, and this one is that of the cuteness factor
An inquisitive little fellow…Nothing quite like the perfect light upon the perfect little bird with nothing but the greenery adding to the setting, makes for one of my favorites
There is nothing more beautiful than colour and this fluffy little subject, shows just how beautiful it can be.
With the Rhino numbers in such rapid decline, the opportunity to capture this peaceful setting at sunset, left me with a feeling of sadness, that this may indeed be one of the last images I am able to capture of such an incredible animal
Taken in the Timabavati PNR. Being out on game drive in the evenings, allows for nighttime shots and this very relaxed young male was the perfect subject to get up close and personal with.


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