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Garden Route Birds - Reflecting on my Trip | Lynette Boshoff

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The one thing I really battle with when it comes to birding, is the early mornings, especially when they are cold. This past Saturday was no different. I was up with the sun, a fresh 4 degrees Celsius outside and on my way to spend the morning birding with the local birding club in Sedgefield.

Being new to the area I had no idea what to expect in terms of bird life. We met up at Reflections Eco-Reserve which is suited next to Rondevlei just off the N2 between Wilderness and Sedgefield.

Little Grebe

Waiting to greet us from the top of a tree in the distance was a Goliath Heron. Not the usual place to spot one of these enormous birds, but nonetheless there he was with his head sticking up high above the treetops.

Moving along through the chalets we were immediately surrounded by birds. Although some are fairly common for the area, it was still amazing to hear and see. Cape Bulbul, Southern Boubou, Cape Weaver and the Greater Double-Collared Sunbird were a few of the locals we came across. Of course, no birding experience is complete without the Hadeda Ibis. Although they are not often seen on the property, they do fly overhead quite frequently, announcing their flight plan like only a Hadeda can do.

Great Crested Grebe

Moving along to the water’s edge we were treated to a beautiful view of hundreds of birds on the water. Among the usual suspects of Yellow-Billed Duck, Red-Knobbed Coots and Common Moorhen we were treated to a sighting of all three grebe species found in Southern Africa. Although I did not manage to get a photo of the Black-Necked Grebe, it was a lifer for me.

Greater Flamingos