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Benjamin Loon - Young Birder of the Week - 9 February 2024

We are proud to announce our next African Young Birder of the Week.

This feature aims to showcase content from each featured birder, allowing us to celebrate young birding talent across the continent. Please share this post to spread the word about these amazing birders!

This feature is always done in proud collaboration with Young Wildlife Photographers of Southern Africa.

This week's Young Birder of the Week is Benjamin Loon.

We asked him 6 questions to get to know him better.

Where are you from? White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa

How old are you? 16 years old

How long have you been birding? I've been birding my whole life as my parents are avid birders.

Do you keep a life list? I don't keep a bird list.

What's your favorite bird/s? My favorite bird is Barn Owl

What makes birding so awesome? Birding is all about appreciating the small stuff, so because I'm a birder if I don't see any big 5 on a drive I'll still stop for birds and enjoy my time.

Click here to follow Benjamin on Instagram (@benj_photos_). Keep scrolling to see six of our favorite photos from Benjamin's Instagram profile.

Follow the Young Wildlife Photographers of Southern Africa on Instagram, and Facebook, or check out their informative website.

We selected six of our favorite photos from Benjamin's Instagram profile. Comment on the post and tell us your favorite of the five images.

Pearl Spotted Owl
Spur-winged Lapwing
Village Weaver

Bronze Mannikin

White-fronted Plover

Pearl-spotted Owl

Click here to follow Benjamin on Instagram (@benj_photos_).

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