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My Little Big Year Wish List

So as I start this Little Big Year — with the goal of seeing and photographing at least 300 birds, which like I said in my first post comes with it’s challenges due to the fact that I have a budget of nearly nothing and a very limited knowledge of birds still — I am going to dream and wish a little and put together a Wish List for 2017, places that I would like to visit and bird this year. If anyone has contacts or is keen to organise something just let me know.

1. Kruger National Park — this is HIGH on my list — even before I birded, I wanted to visit Kruger.

2. Mkuze Game Reserve — this amazing birding paradise with 420 species on record — as well as four of the Big Five- would be an amazing experience.

3. Wakkerstroom — heard so much about this amazing birding town — looks EPIC!

4. St Lucia — haven’t been there for ages and would love to bird this amazing place.

So there we go my BIG FOUR wish list — can’t wait to experience these places and share them with you online afterwards.

Southern Red Bishop

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