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Sophia’s Safari: The African Animal Alphabet Series

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Review by Tyron Dall

Sofia’s Safari : The African Animal Alphabet Series

Kayleigh Huysamen

Step into the paradise of the Zululand bushveld and join young Sophia (8), her brother Asher (6), her sister Isla-Mae (4) and their parents as they discover and learn about all the creatures great and small that surround them.

Sofia’s Safari is a series of children’s books, with a book dedicated to each letter of the alphabet, whilst featuring animals that start with that particular letter. The first book in the series is “The Aardvark and the Ant”, the second one is “The Buffalo and the Baboon”, the third one is “The Cheetah and the Chameleon”, and I eagerly await what will come out next.

The books are written and illustrated by Kayleigh Huysamen, and it is evident from reading them, that they are based on the real life experiences of Kayleigh’s current life of working and home schooling her children on a working game farm in Zululand, South Africa.

The first thing that strikes me about the books are the illustrations, which are vibrant, modern, and have a mix of both animal caricatures, as well as showing more realistic animal drawings, which I feel gives a good balance in making the books both fun and educational.

The books are written of course from the point of view of Sophia, making it very relatable to children as they read them either by themselves or with their parents.

I encourage all the parents out there to read the books with their kids, as they too will find them fun and in the process will also learn many interesting facts about the animals featured. An example of one of the amazing facts from the first book, is that an aardvark can eat up to 60000 (that’s right sixty thousand) ants and termites in one night.

Overall I highly recommend these children’s books. It’s wonderful to read books that feature our local South African wildlife that are both visually exciting, as well as educating our kids to the marvels of the natural world.

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