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Capped Wheater | Jandre Verster

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Capped Wheater, Rosemary Hill | Jandre Verster
Capped Wheater | Jandre Verster

On the 5th of July, I took this photo of a Capped Wheatear in an open burnt veld with lots of termite hills scattered around.

The crispy morning air in Rosemary Hill, Pretoria with a cup of coffee in the hand is truly an amazing feeling. As I walked through the burnt veld Iooking for what I could find, I saw this particular Wheatear sitting on top of one of the termite hills.

I slowly approached it and when I got close enough, I laid down flat on my stomach and started shooting away. I spent about ten minutes watching it jumping up and down catching little bugs until I had to eventually head home.'

Camera: Canon EOS 90D & Sigma 100-400mmf/5-6.3 lens

Camera settings: ISO 500 | f6.3 | 1/2000 sec

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