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Intermediate Birding with Aldo

A guide to 78 common but tricky birds in 13 tricky groups (swifts, martins, waders, terns, cisticolas, warblers, sunbirds, larks, pipits, chats, brown eagles, pelagic seabirds, honeyguides).


This unique person-friendly approach tackles obstacles facing most people in becoming a better birder. From preparing for an outing to finding and identifying birds, learn processes which allow you greater freedom and skill to recognise new bird groups and species. We tackle difficult bird groups and species pairs.


This course reviews birding resources and equipment (field guides, apps, binoculars, apps, speakers, scopes). Learn new ways to go birding - the use of photography, atlassing, listing, garden birding, local bird guides, birding communities. We delve further into bird vocals.


The course comprises three 75-90 minute sessions:

•Session 1. Overview, finding birds, equipment, swifts, martins, warblers, cisticolas)

•Session 2. Birding techniques, listing, brown eagles, sunbirds, pipits and larks.

•Session 3. Mindset and assumptions, vocals, birding communities, pelagic seabirds, terns, warders, honeyguides, chats.


Course calendar

Session 1: Monday 22 April 2024 at 19.00

Session 2: Wednesday 24 April March 2024 at 19.00

Session 3: Thursday 25 April 2024 at 19.00

Intermediate Birding with Aldo Online Course


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