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Cisticolas with Aldo


One of the ultimate LBJ groups!!! Go for it everyone!

You will tackle this group in one intensive session, building a step by step understanding of the interlocking clues of visual characters, vocalisations, distributions and habitat. It will provide you with means to cut through overwhelming detail to concentrate on the essence of each species. This will instil confidence in your abilities and allow you to identify most of the individual cisticolas that you come across. You will even go searching for cisticolas. Immerse yourself !


There are 19 species of cisticolas in southern Africa. We use GISS (JIZZ) to distinguish the sub-groups of pipits and then work though the individual species in comparative presentations.


Cisticolas with Aldo uses the protocols and techniques established in other Birding with Aldo courses including GISS, Top Bottom and Middle. Vocalisations are a very powerful element of this presentation. We use polls, annotation, chat room and discussion in comparative and repetitive presentations to embed species characters.


The course is a single 90-minute session. You will receive the recording link afterwards which will allow you to review the birds for another seven days. This will be very useful for these difficult birds. You will receive a low-res pdf of the session as a permanent reference.

Session 1: Introduction, taxonomy, cisticola characters – 19 species.

Course Calendar:

Session 1: Wednesday, 21 February 2024 at 19:00

Cisticolas with Aldo


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