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Fully revised, the new edition of Steve Woodhall’s lavishly illustrated Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa features all of South Africa’s 671 butterfly species. This popular field guide now includes 8 new species, two new African Plain Tiger subspecies and incorporates the most recent taxonomic changes based on DNA studies.

As with the first edition, the photography is exceptional and 70% of the images in the book are new. An invaluable aid to identification, they show male and female forms (where they differ) and upper- and undersides (where possible). The species accounts have been comprehensively updated and expanded, covering identification, habits, flight periods, broods, typical habitat, distribution and larval food sources. A helpful introductory section with over 100 images, including 55 early stages images compared to 32 in the first edition discusses butterfly biology, taxonomy, classification, anatomy and behaviour.


Other features include:

  • Colour-coded sections at subfamily level for ease of use
  • A quick reference to butterfly groups on the inside front
  • Updated distribution maps for all species entries

Anyone with an interest in the natural world, from lepidopterists and entomologists (both amateur and professional) to students, gardeners and tourists, will appreciate this beautiful and invaluable guide.

Field Guide To Butterflies Of South Africa (Paperback, 2nd Edition)

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