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Western Barn Owls have evolved mechanisms that enable them to survive predation. When a predator is lurking nearby, these birds start hissing loudly to scare the predator away. The predator becomes confused by the noise that the owls make, mistaking it for another animal. Western Barn Owls can also survive predation through tonic immobility, where the bird lies still and pretends to be dead. The predator loses interest and walks away.


Barn Owls have lop-sided ears! One is higher than the other, which helps them to pinpoint exactly where tiny sounds are coming from. These owls play an especially important role in the ecosystem and should be a welcome addition to any garden. A wild Barn Owl usually eats about 4 small mammals every night, predominantly rodents! That’s 1,460 rodents per year!!


Each print is made using a fine art printer on premium cotton rag paper. The result is a print that is remarkably alike to the original painting. The paper and ink used are both archival which means the print won’t fade over time.


The print size is A4 (297 x 420mm).


Artist - Robyn Ansell

A4 Fine Art Print – Barn Owl


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