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The African Hoopoe’s call is a repetitive “hooo-pooo” sung 5 times or more, hence the name ‘Hoopoe’. Hoopoes nest in holes in tree trunks. Females tend to stay inside the nest until the eggs hatch, and many birds will try to conceal the entrance to the nest as much as possible. Just a small opening is left, allowing the male bird to bring food.


Both females and young have the ability to secrete a foul-smelling odor to ward off predators. If this isn’t sufficiently off-putting, hoopoe chicks are also able to ward off predators by strategically aiming their droppings.


They’ve also been known use their bill and wings to fight off intruders, and even make a threatening hissing sound.


Each print is made using a fine art printer on premium cotton rag paper. The result is a print that is remarkably alike to the original painting. The paper and ink used are both archival which means the print won’t fade over time.


The print size is A4 (297 x 420mm).


Artist - Robyn Ansell

A4 Fine Art Print – African Hoopoe


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