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Zvakanaka Farm offers 3 self-catering options: Igababa Cabin sleeps 2 in a double bed, Madala's Cottage sleeps 2 - 4 guests in a double bed in the main bedroom, en-suite bathroom, plus a smaller bedroom with 2 single beds and access to its own toilet and shower. And then Fook Flat, is a 1 bedroomed garden farmhouse flat. These venues are all situated completely separately from each other, but close enough that groups easily spread between them.

All venues are private - particularly Igababa and Madala's. All have their own entrances and the guests' privacy is paramount. All three venues are fully equipped for self-catering, 4 plate gas stoves, microwaves, braai stand and ground fire. A generous amount of firewood is provided. All the guests need to bring is their food and drink. Igababa and Madala's have fireplaces in the living space. Both of these have an outdoor double bath and each a small wallow pool. Guests staying at Fook have access to the campsite wallow pool. All three venues have bird baths and bird seed provided. All three venues have a large amount of glass in the form of sliding doors and top to bottom windows, bringing the outside in. Igababa and Madala's have wonderful views of the mountain. Fook Flat looks into shrubs and trees with mountains to the west.


There is also a small, excusive camping ground with 5 sites. Each site has electricity, water and a light. Each has a braai stand and floor fire. 3 of the sites have cement-floored shelters with a 4 plate gas stove, a kettle and a sink, plus lights and power points. There are 4 toilets and two showers at the ablution block. In Covid times each site has it's own locked toilet. The showers are communal. All these are electrified. One of the sites without a shelter has its own electrified toilet. There is a washing machine and a fridge/freezer for communal use. All sites are set far apart and each is not visible from the next. The site are cut into the indigenous bush down by the wetland. There is a small wallow pool for campers to use, set far from the sites and not visible to the sites. Each site has its own well-used bird bath.

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Zvakanaka farm is 74 hectares in area and the three main vegetation types are grassland, wetland and semi-deciduous scrub-forest. There are numerous trails cut on the farm and, depending on how much energy you want to exert, you can either take gentle strolls or more serious walks to the very top of the mountain where there are stunning views in all directions. The bird-life on the farm is plentiful and varied – the cliffs, grasslands, forest and the wetland ensure a wide range of species. Many of our guests express their delight in the chorus of bird calls during their time on the farm – particularly at dusk and dawn.

There are many top birding spots in the area: Muirhead Dams, Hanglip Forest, Entabeni Forest, Roodewaal Forest. Because there is no reception for checking in and out, - guests see themselves in - and because you are given a code for the electric gate, you can come and go from the property as you wish and at any time, without disturbing either us or the other guests. There is one of Limpopo's top bird guides based in the area - Samson Mulaudzi who is renowned for finding you the Bat Hawk, Blue-spotted Dove, Orange Thrush, Magpie Mannikin, Yellow-Streaked Greenbul and the African Broadbill to name a few.


Narina Trogon, Eastern Nicotar, Olive Bushrike, Green Twinspot, Lemon Dove, Tambourine Dove, most of the robins and scrub-robins including the Starred and White-Fronted, Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher, Dusky Indigo bird many raptors including Crowned Eagle, Crested Eagle, Verreaux's Eagle, Lanner Falcon, Black Sparrowhawk. And many, many more - some obviously more readily and regularly seen than others! Crested and Helmeted Guineafowl, Yellow-bellied Greenbul.

Grassland, wetland and semi-deciduous scrub-forest.