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Real bird calls, true facts, stories and songs to help children and adults, remember and identify birds by their calls. Wholesome education family entertainment.


Tales of the Birdwatchers Vol.1


1. Subject: Klass' Cuckoo
2. Song - Very Cheap
3. Subject - The Greater Honeyguide
4. Song - Honeyguide and the Honeybadger
5. Subject - The Black Collared Barbet
6. Song - Trouble up ahead
7. Subject - The Black Backed Puff back Shrike
8. Song - Kick the Wheel
9. Subject - Red-eyed Laughing and Cape Turtle Dove
10. Song - Oh Little Dove
11. Subject - Fiery neck night Jar
12. Song - Good Lord deliver us


Tales of the Birdwatchers Vol2.


1. Subject: Diederik Cuckoo
2. Song: Diederik Cuckoo
3. Subject: Yellow Fronted Tinker Bird
4. Song: The Good old Tinker
5. Subject: Orange Breasted Bush Shrike
6. Song: Coffee or Tea
7. Subject: Gret Go Away Bird
8. Song: The Go Away Bird
9. Subject: Black CrownedTchagra
10. Song: Life is Beautiful
11. Subject: Pearl Spotted Owlet
12. Song: Me-O


Tales of the Birdwatchers Vol.3


1. Subject Red Chested Cuckoo
2. Song Piet My Vrou
3. Subject Bru Bru Shrike
4. Song The Telephone Bird
5. Subject Brown Hooded and Woodland Kingfisher
6. Song Three Cheers
7. Subject Chinspot Batis
8. Song Peep Sleep Eat
9. Subject Secretary Bird
10. Song Knees Up
11. Subject Spotted Thick Knee
12. Song Weep Weep


Tales of the Birdwatchers Vol4

1. Subject: Jacobin and Le Vailant's Cuckoo
2. Song: Wetter Weather
3. Subject: Fish Eagle
4. Song: Chuckle Chuckle
5. Subject: Green Wood Hoopoe
6. Song: What A Happy To do
7. Subject: Crested Barbet
8. Song: The Bushveld Alarm Clock
9. Subject: Emerald Spotted Wood Dove
10. Song: Esmarelda
11. Subject: Verreaux’s Giant Eagle Owl
12. Song: An Owl Called Verreaux

Tales of the Birdwatchers Box Set (4 CD's)

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