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For birders at the beginning of their birding paths. Aldo will show you how to start birding, including equipment and resources, and how to identify birds using the example of 80 of the most common birds in South Africa.

Learn user-friendly techniques which show you how to identify any species of birds rather than learning a mass of details.

I deal with the essential birding elements: birding guides, binoculars, how to identify birds and gaining confidence. You will practice how to identify birds, including the use of field guides and how to memorise birds.

Aldo is one of the most experienced birding guides in South Africa.

Course Calendar

Session 1: 25 July 2022 at 7pm
Session 2: 27 July 2022 at 7pm
Session 3: 28 July 2022 at 7pm

The course is structured over 3 x 75-90 Minute Sessions:

Session 1. The foundation: Why and How, birding protocols and techniques, 15 very common birds.

Session 2. Equipment, field guides, and 32 common birds of the garden and beyond.

Session 3. Spreading your wings: bird calls, habitats, 8 difficult groups: swifts, swallows, pipits, larks, plovers, sandpipers, raptors and cisticolas.

Our ‘classrooms’ are small and interactive.

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