A4 Fine Art Print – Greater Double-Collared Sunbird

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A Greater Double-collared Sunbird is armed with a decurved, long bill that enables it to feed on nectar from flowers very effectively. They are vital pollinators in South Africa’s ecosystem. Sometimes, a Greater Double-collared Sunbird may take on certain fruits as well. They have a habit of hovering in front of the webs to feed on spiders. The Greater Double-collared Sunbird will occasionally feed on other insects, especially when they need to feed their young.

As with most of our sunbirds, the juveniles and females are grey and can be difficult to identify. However, the male is one of the most striking and beautiful of all the sunbirds that occur in the Upper Highway area.

Each print is made using a fine art printer on premium cotton rag paper. The result is a print that is remarkably alike to the original painting. The paper and ink used are both archival which means the print won’t fade over time.

The print size is A4 (297 x 420mm).

Artist - Robyn Ansell

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