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Why should your organisation join The Birding Life's South African Birding Directory?

The site is made by birders and with birders in mind – we ourselves are birders and started designing the site around what we were looking for but could not find. This is the big difference between our site and other online accommodation sites – we look to target the avi-tourism market specifically. The accommodation directory is geared towards providing birders with the relevant and up to date information that they would be looking for. The site has a growing subscriber base who regularly connect with the site through our blogs and various forum pages. What this means for our clients is that we have a steady flow of traffic visiting the site.

A dedicated page on the site for your company – We professionally design a page on the website exclusively for your company. The page is filled with as much detail about your product or service can offer this unique market. For smaller companies that cannot afford to host their own website, this provides a great online platform for showcasing your brand which can be used across the various platforms on which you advertise. We have a team that provides customised search engine optimisation for your page on the site in order to extract the most amount of exposure for your business.

Highly cost-effective advertising – Advertising can be expensive. We have looked to keep costs as reasonable as possible while at the same time ensuring that you get the best value possible. For as little as R83.00 ex. VAT per month you will get a professionally designed advertising space on the page. We will also offer value-added services in which you will be able to get even greater exposure. These include targeted advertising through Facebook and Instagram or advertising on our weekly email. We also run a weekly podcast with a global listenership that allows space for advertising. Our team is dedicated to doing all that they can to get your business as much exposure as possible. This is our promise.

We are committed to conservation – We do not use this line flippantly – our love for conservation is at the very heart of what we do. We have already partnered with conservation organisations to help raise much-needed funds for them. With this project, we have committed to giving ten percent of our revenue that our directory generated directly to Birdlife South Africa.

Bronze Mannikin Package – R1100 once off yearly subscription. This package includes a page on our Birding Directory. 

Silvery-cheeked Hornbill Package – R2000 once off yearly subscription. The package as well as including a page on our Birding Directory also includes one advert on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter per quarter (4 adverts per platform over the calendar year).

Golden Pipit Package – R3200 once off yearly subscription. This includes a page on our Birding Directory, one advert on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter per quarter (4 adverts per platform over the calendar year), a 1–2-minute advert on The Birding Life Podcast every six months (two Podcast adverts for the year). On the week that the advert is featured in the podcast, you will also get another social media post on all our platforms, as well as a feature in our weekly Birding Life Email.

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